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Beefing up buildings

The talk in many areas of rural education is of declining enrollments and strained resources—maybe not where you’d expect to see capital improvement projects. But some schools in the Dakotas are building. With enrollments no better than the typical Dakota school, they’ve found the resources to invest through community generosity and local ingenuity. Read More »

Making school matter

Sandra Jones, Mari Biehl, Jeff “Slim” Schneider and Cindy Nagel led a workshop for teachers in Wolsey, S.D. in July. Photo illustration by Heidi Marttila-Losure

On a Tuesday afternoon in July, when some of their colleagues were probably enjoying a deserved break from the intensity of the last school year, about 60 teachers were in Wolsey, S.D., working on plans for the next one. Read More »

An outsider’s love affair with the Jim River

Nina Wieste photograph, Ludden, N.D., 1917

When a professor of photography stumbled upon a couple albums of photographs in the display cases of an antique mall, he felt a tug at his heartstrings. These two albums were pieces of a previous lifetime. Haunting and elusive, they clung to his memory like the dust of time. Read More »

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