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About Dakotafire

Digital maps in graphic file formats such as Adobe Illustrator, EPS, JPEG, and PowerPoint.

Dakotafire is …
… a magazine.
… a conversation starter.
… an online writing collaborative.
… an advocate for great journalism.
… a cheerleader for rural communities.
… a common voice for the rural Dakotas.
… a media company that represents you.

Dakotafire Media, LLC, was established in 2011 with the goal of sparking a revival in the Dakotas and beyond by encouraging conversations that help rural residents rethink what’s happening and what’s possible.

Stories are created using a unique collaborative process—weekly newspaper journalists and freelancers from around the state submit reports from their communities, which are then put together into a big-picture look at the trends facing the region. Dakotafire staff often add reporting from local, state or national experts as well. The result is stories that are both broader and deeper than any of the news organizations would be able to accomplish on their own. Dakotafire magazine is published six times a year. Additional stories are published in participating weekly newspapers and online at

Dakotafire gives the people of this region, a “big picture” view of the challenges they face — from the way past generations have addressed similar problems to the insights of experts who study these issues to the way others in the region and beyond are finding solutions — so they are better informed when they make decisions about the issues that affect their lives.

The “common voice” of Dakotafire is intended to help rural people see one another as allies in facing common challenges and opportunities. The information Dakotafire provides is designed to spark discussion, to challenge conventional thinking and to get people to consider alternative possibilities. as well as its presence on Facebook and Twitter serves as a conversation space for the region’s people.

Sparking rural revival is our goal,
and we intend to do it by igniting the power within you.

As part of the Knight Community Information Challenge, the three-year project  received $240,000 in support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and $60,000 from the South Dakota Community Foundation, with additional support coming from Dacotah Bank, other foundations, and corporate and individual sponsors. The project was implemented by Dakotafire Media, LLC, a media company based in Frederick, S.D. The grant period ended in 2014.


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