Quiz: How much do you know about … VOTING?


The Constitution is talking to you, my friend. Well, and to me, too. To all of us citizens, actually. That’s what that “We the People” is referring to—in a democracy, it’s really our job to run the country. Sure, we delegate it during elections every few years, but the responsibility to pay attention is written right in there with freedoms ... Read More »

Facing the past: A few lessons from Berlin


How should we deal with the painful chapters of our history? Bring them up and make people uncomfortable? Think about only the parts that make the people who are most like us look good? Skip them altogether? I was fortunate enough to go to Berlin in June—not only fortunate to go, but also fortunate to go at a time when those questions (which we asked ... Read More »

Dakotafire Media announces changes

Dakotafire Media is planning changes that include a new format and a new publication. The ones pictured are mockups only.

Note: This is an updated version of the editorial that appears in the July/August 2016 issue.  We at Dakotafire Media are making changes in how we distribute our content—changes that we think, overall, will make us a stronger company and better able to do our central work: in-depth, solution-focused journalism that helps rural places thrive. End of most newspaper partnerships First, starting with ... Read More »

Dakotafire staffers among recognized Press Women

Dakotafire staffers among recognized Press Women

Staff of Dakotafire Media were recognized for their work at the South Dakota Press Women convention in Deadwood last month. Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Heidi Marttila-Losure: Publications Regularly Edited by Entrant: 1st “Clean and appealing design, feels very professional without being too ‘slick,’” the judge wrote. Editorial Opinion: 1st Place, for her September/October editorial from the energy edition, entitled “Power people.” ... Read More »

Community centers provide home for histories, futures

The community of Ethan, S.D., will come together Friday evening, to create a space for future gatherings in the town of 330 in southeastern South Dakota. The City of Ethan purchased the 4,800-square-foot building that housed the town’s Catholic church last year, to renovate it into a community center. Committee members (back row, left to right) Shane Comp, Don Jarvis, Marty Royston (front row, left to right) Leah Mellegaard, Michele Pollreisz, Annie Haag and Michelle Klumb (not pictured) will present their plans to the community and formally begin the process of raising funds for the renovation project. (photo by Wendy Royston, managing editor)

with additional reporting by Sheila Ring, Onida Watchman, Doug Card, Britton Journal, and Gloria Duenwald, Hoven Review From baby showers to funerals and everything in between, community centers are where memories are made among neighbors in rural communities. “The community center is the kitchen of the community, and I think that’s both literal and figurative in many instances,” said Tom ... Read More »

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