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Roads are a constant concern

Roads topped the lists of infrastructure problems for both North and South Dakota, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Infrastructure Report Card. Thirty-three percent of South Dakota’s major roads and 23 percent of North Dakota’s are in poor or mediocre condition. Read More »

Bad bridges: Do repairs make sense?

Old railway iron bridge over a narrow stream in rural setting.

When an Interstate 35 bridge collapsed in Minneapolis in 2007, many Americans were shocked that such a thing could happen in the United States. As people started looking into the state of the nation’s bridges, the bigger surprise was that we haven’t had many more such tragedies. Read More »

Editorial: Vision

America faces a host of challenges in the coming century, all of which will have profound impacts on the nation’s future growth and development. … In the face of these challenges, though, America is flying blind. No national strategy exists to build and manage the infrastructure system needed to sustain inclusive economic growth and our competitive position in the global economy. Read More »

Teaching kids to forge their own paths

Kristie Olson, who teaches an entrepreneurship class at Madison High School, talks with Tyler Wiebe, a senior at Madison and a member of the Future Business Leaders of America. Photo by Becky Froehlich

“Rural places that tie their economic development resources to entrepreneurship education can help these young people pursue their dreams and, in turn, revitalize, grow and diversify their own local economies,” said Craig Schroeder, senior associate with the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship at the Rural Policy Research Institute. Read More »

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