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REPORT: Heavy Snow, Rain Help Drought in S.D.

(NPN) – Though it was way too much of a good thing, recent snow and rains greatly improved South Dakota’s drought situation. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, heavy and record setting precipitation fell this past week in the High Plains Region. In South Dakota, a blizzard set several snowfall records, including in Rapid City, which had a snowfall measurement of 23.1 inches over a two-day span. ... Read More »

Bee losses that threaten industry partly related to change in Dakota landscape

A Varroa mite (indicated with red circle) can be seen under the wing of this bee from Miller Honey Farms in Gackle, N.D. Beekeepers say the mites cause many problems for them. Researchers from the University of Minnesota say that poor nutrition resulting from habitat loss may be making the mite situation worse. Photo by Lindsay Anderson/Tri-County News

What is causing the significant increase in bee die-offs in the past decade? Recent research suggests there’s no single cause, instead pointing to several factors that combine or interact to weaken or kill bees. But according to an ongoing study in Stutsman County, N.D., at least one of those causes is tied to changes in the Dakota land where those bees buzz away their summers: The conversion of grassland to cropland is affecting bees’ diets, which makes them less healthy. Read More »

Two Dakotas follow different paths on Medicaid expansion

INFOGRAPHIC: How does Obamacare affect your pocketbook?

The two Dakotas are similar in many respects, but at least for now have fallen on two different sides of this issue. With North Dakota enacting the Medicaid expansion, how will the two states fare differently if South Dakota does not expand Medicaid? Check out two infographics to see how Obamacare would affect you and your state. Read More »

Electronic health records show promise, but work remains

electronic health records

Area hospitals transitioning to electronic health records (EHRs) are making progress, and their administrators say they are confident that they are providing or will eventually provide better care with EHRs, but the process hasn’t been without significant headaches—and there’s still a ways to go before EHRs reach the comfort level of those corner-worn manila files. Read More »

Farmers markets sprout, take root

Delores and Nelson Bloomquist have been participating in the local farmers market since 1997 selling everything from flower bouquets, shown above, to tomatoes, potatoes, decorative corn and pumpkins and every vegetable that can be grown in South Dakota as well as raspberries and apples. Photo by Kimberly Harrington/Clark County Courier

Communities across the nation, including dozens in the Dakotas, are joining in a growing nationwide trend of forming markets with a very short farmer-to-consumer transportation system: goods go straight from the farmer’s hands to the consumer’s. Read More »

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