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Knowing what to measure

For years, if you had asked me how I measured wealth, I’d have had a ready answer: time, books and berries in the freezer. Money was nice, sure, but for me the first three offered a more direct route to happiness. Read More »

Expanding the meaning of wealth

Is your community wealthy? How you answer that question depends very much on how you define “wealth.” You might picture as a wealthy community a place like Vail, Colo., or the skyscrapers around Central Park in New York City—places with luxury that reflects the full bank accounts of the people who live there. Read More »

Neglected building becomes source of pride

Over the past few years, the town of Ethan, S.D., has come together to build its future on preserving its past. The state’s oldest cheese factory stirred its final vat of curds in the community of 330 in the mid-1990s and sat quietly for about 20 years before the building was remodeled into Ethan’s first designated town hall. Read More »

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