Tuesday , 9 August 2022

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State program supports local development work

Like many rural communities, Arlington, S.D., is struggling to maintain an economic foothold in the Walmart and dot-com world. Recently, the town of about 900 showed it was willing to stake a claim to the future with a dynamic and proactive program of economic development. Read More »

Focus on Leadership: Community Response

We approach each topic in the Prairie Idea Exchange project in four ways: 1) a gathering of economic development professionals; 2) reporting in Dakotafire magazine; 3) community input—online, on postcards, on our forum page (www.pie4.us), and in person at a Dakotafire Café event, 4) and with a final report in the magazine that reflects the feedback. Here’s what we learned on the topic of leadership. Read More »

Perspective: Migration

Each year I look forward to springtime and the migration. As an artist, photographer and hunter, it is very exciting to watch the birds come back. Getting outdoors to hunt and photograph is very thrilling. Read More »

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