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No Time to Lose For Faulk County

By Garrick Moritz, Faulk County Record The population numbers for Faulk County haven’t been good for almost the whole of the last century. “The numbers I’ve seen since the 1930 census tell me that the population has steadily decreased since then,” said Joel Price, superintendent of the Faulkton Area Schools and also the Chairman of the Faulkton Area Development Corporation ... Read More »

Groton is Growing, and Support of Youth is One Factor

Reporting by Kathy Sundermeyer, Groton Dakota Press, and Char Telkamp, Groton Independent Not all communities in rural America are losing population, and Groton is one of those exceptions. The population of the city of Groton grew 7.5 percent in the last decade, according to Census 2010 results, to 1,458 people. This is much better than Brown County overall, which grew ... Read More »

Family Motivates Some Britton-Hecla Seniors to Plan Return

Caitlin Hill, Britton-Hecla senior and intern at the Britton Journal, asked her classmates about their plans after high school: “Out of our class of 37 kids, I was able to survey 29 of them—30 counting me. • Twelve of them said they would come back to the area. • Fourteen said they would not. • Four said they weren’t sure. ... Read More »

Can subtracting a day make the school week better?

Superintendents of schools that have moved to a four-day school week cite a variety of ways the schedule improves the job they can do for students, but at least on the surface, the move goes against the dominant educational thinking that extended learning is the way to help struggling schools. Read More »

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