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Many groups are working to help voters

With absentee voting starting Sept. 23 for the general election, several entities are attempting to increase voter registration and/or turnout. Here are some of the strategies they are using. Vote605 app Voters can go to the websites of the secretaries of state for both North and South Dakota to find election information. The next step, according to South Dakota Secretary ... Read More »

Dakotafire guide to ballot measures

OK, folks, roll up your sleeves: It’s time to dig into your democratic duty. North Dakota has five ballot measures this year; South Dakota has 10. (One additional measure, to allow corporate farming, was on the ballot in North Dakota’s primary in June. Voters rejected the measure.) You can find the exact text of the ballot measures, plus explanations by ... Read More »

Help wanted: Group strategizes on recruiting rural teachers

Rural Teacher Corps event in Mitchell in June. Photo courtesy the Rural Schools Collaborative

Rural school districts face challenges from several directions when recruiting teachers. Baby boomers are retiring. Many small towns are losing population and vitality. Urban school districts often can pay more than rural districts. The education profession as a whole has become more of a pressure cooker with changing standards and more reporting requirements. All these and more factor into rural ... Read More »

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