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Schools team up to help students explore careers

With so many career choices available today, answering the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question requires some homework. Five South Dakota districts are teaming up to help students do that career research thanks to resources from a three-year grant. “Today there are so many options for kids,” according to Chris Bosma, a career coach who ... Read More »

Pass on the word, teachers: There are jobs here

Webster teachers tour workplaces in the town to learn about available jobs so they can better advise their students about local career options. Photo courtesy Webster Area Development Corporation

Many rural communities have a dilemma that goes something like this: Ask the young people in a community where they’d like to live someday, and the majority say they’d love to live in their hometown if they could—but alas, there are no jobs. Business owners say they can’t find people to fill their jobs; they’d love to get some of ... Read More »

From the Editor: Renaissance people

A funny thing has happened in some conversations in the news lately: First, those in manufacturing professions have felt the need to speak up to convince students—their potential future workforce—that manufacturing can provide a good living and a good life. Read More »

Growing the Dakotas’ future workforce

With today’s workforce short-handed and tomorrow’s anticipated to need higher-level skills, educators and policymakers are trying to increase enrollment at technical schools in the area and across the nation. Here are several examples of those efforts. Read More »


The image is actually a frame grab from a video my company, Passenger, was producing for a joint project with OTA and the South Dakota Community Foundation. Read More »

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