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Keep feeding the fire

Fireside. By Heidi Marttila-Losure

When we first started Dakotafire Media five years ago, some questioned the name. Why “fire”? It has led to some confusion over the years. Some think we are the newsletter for a state fire association. And we’ve probably sent a lot of traffic to Dakota Fire Protection, a sprinkler company that has the “.com” version of our web address. We ... Read More »

POSTCARD: The view of the Dakotas from a bicycle

American Bison / Day 30 / Yankton, South Dakota / Mile 1,304 / Photo by Chris Register/

“But it’s all so … flat.” I heard this time and again from folks when they learned what I was planning: a 2,000-mile, six-week exploration of the American Midwest—by bicycle. Just about everyone seemed to think that I was set to experience the dullest, most featureless bike tour ever undertaken. They were right about one thing. In terms of rote ... Read More »

Celebrating 3-21

by Emma Bouza Three twenty-one is a day to be celebrated in our house. March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day, chosen to represent the third copy of the 21st chromosome, which results in the genetic condition known as Down syndrome. Trisomy 21 came into our lives almost six years ago. Since then, we have had the opportunity to grow ... Read More »

An outsider’s love affair with the Jim River

Nina Wieste photograph, Ludden, N.D., 1917

When a professor of photography stumbled upon a couple albums of photographs in the display cases of an antique mall, he felt a tug at his heartstrings. These two albums were pieces of a previous lifetime. Haunting and elusive, they clung to his memory like the dust of time. Read More »

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