Wednesday , 27 October 2021
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Correspondent covers 40 years of news from Orient and Polo areas

Correspondent covers 40 years of news from Orient and Polo areas

Faulk County Record

JoAnn Schaefers recently completed 40 years of covering news for Orient and Polo for her local newspapers, The Faulk County Record and Miller Press. Following is a column Schaefers wrote to commemorate this occasion.

As I told someone, those who quilt, sew, paint, cook or go to work for the necessary jobs that keep business, schools and family life operating, “you have something special to show for and you are appreciated for the important and caring work you do. Writing for the hometown papers just may not be seen in that same light. Yet it is sorta necessary if we are going to pass on the stories of life according to the year it was written.”

That having been said, a scary thought hit me while looking back at some 1973 papers – 40 years of columns in archives in Pierre, the Faulk County Record and Miller Press offices means a lot of words are preserved in black and white for generations to come!! It may not be history that makes or breaks the life of the community but our weekly local papers and hometown events are very important pieces in the puzzles of life for ALL communities, small or large.

And yes, I have found that there’s plenty words that don’t make ‘tasty of eating’! But they do tell what I wrote about who, what, when and where of life in Orient and Polo these past 40 years, that is now part of our history. Guess it just has to be a matter of having a lousy meal from eating my words and savoring some of them that made good dessert.

As I have said many times in the past, “My sincere thanks” to all who have supported the weekly column for the hometown folks who now live at addresses other than Orient and Polo and truly enjoy keeping up with some of what is happening ‘back home.’ Also for all who continue to tell me they read the news from this area even if they do not have family or hometown connections, you are all appreciated.

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