Tuesday , 22 January 2019

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Day County family keeps old-fashioned family farming alive

A year ago, Kenny Anderson bought an old International Power Binder because he didn’t want the tradition of the Andersons harvesting grain by hand to go away. Anderson's son and grandson, Bryan and Hayden Anderson, had never operated a vintage binder until this month when they and Kenny harvested a field of oats on the Anderson farm. Read More »

Two Dakotas follow different paths on Medicaid expansion

INFOGRAPHIC: How does Obamacare affect your pocketbook?

The two Dakotas are similar in many respects, but at least for now have fallen on two different sides of this issue. With North Dakota enacting the Medicaid expansion, how will the two states fare differently if South Dakota does not expand Medicaid? Check out two infographics to see how Obamacare would affect you and your state. Read More »

Cool weather expected to stay awhile

The latest update to the August climate outlook was released this week, with a forecast of cooler than average temperatures for most of South Dakota. Rainfall forecasts show no clear leaning toward wetter, drier or near normal for the next month, said Laura Edwards, SDSU Extension Climate Field Specialist. Read More »

Waubay apiarist as busy as his bees

When he isn’t keeping busy as a county commissioner or working with his construction equipment, Waubay resident Gary Block is the travel agent for a semiload of “busy bees” who pollinate crops all over the country on a year-round basis. Read More »

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