Sunday , 19 May 2024
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Dakotafire Magazine: Current Issue
Looking over the horizon. By Heidi Marttila-Losure

Dakotafire Magazine: Current Issue


The future of rural is up to us

What’s the future of rural places? Based on the national conversation recently, some people might be surprised at the question. It seems some didn’t realize that rural even had a place in the present, never mind thinking about the future. All they know of rural places is the past. Those of us who live here—especially ...

Census projections raise concerns over aging population

Many of the problems that South Dakota’s rural communities are facing now are likely to get worse if demography trends continue as they are.

Changes in agriculture still affecting rural populations—but there’s more to the story

Rural economies keep getting more diverse, which drives population growth (yes, growth)

What lies ahead for rural

Leaders share their views on the future of our rural places—and how we can make sure it’s as good as we want it to be.

Not every rural town will succeed. Not every rural town will fail. Our actions will determine the fate of our communities.

Invest in infrastructure of many kinds, rural development director advises

Technology allows rural places to reimagine their futures.

Information can reach people wherever they are; more people can choose to live rural

‘Grow your own’ will be an important part of rural workforce development.

Maintaining a well-trained local workforce requires a variety of strategies

Technology will continue to change the way we farm.

Agriculture’s future will be driven by more technology and increasing diversity. Better solutions may include both

A changing climate means it’s time to design for resilience.

Climate change means challenges but also positives for agriculture, climatologist says

Local food can provide opportunities for rural.

Reservations and other rural places can expand possibilities with food production.

Building culture and community is a wise investment.

Art is one way to connect community members, as well as to connect a community’s history with its future.

We believe in rural.

Thank you to these Fired Up members who helped Dakotafire spark rural revival one story at a time. Sonya Albertson J.D. Anderson Lois Aroian Norbe Barrie Joe Bartmann John Beranek William Bishop Darlene Bresson Karyl Card Glenn Cooper Ila Davis Sara Dean Brian Depew | Lyons, Nebraska | Center for Rural Affairs Kathryn Draeger Erna ...

Faulkton: A town filled with familiar faces

Faulkton, S.D., makes no secret of its optimism.

Keep feeding the fire

When we first started Dakotafire Media five years ago, some questioned the name. Why “fire”? It has led to some confusion over the years. Some think we are the newsletter for a state fire association. And we’ve probably sent a lot of traffic to Dakota Fire Protection, a sprinkler company that has the “.com” version ...

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