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Spring 2012: The Population Issue

Dakotafire Magazine: Spring 2012: The Population Issue

Table Of Contents

In this inaugural issue of Dakotafire, its editor shares her story of homecoming.

Go. Learn. Then Return?
Can young people who want to settle down in their hometowns find a path back to them?

Family Motivates Some Britton-Hecla Seniors to Plan Return
See how many seniors say they’d like to move back someday.

Groton is Growing
Not all communities in rural America are losing population, and Groton is one of those exceptions.

No Time to Lose for Faulk County
The population numbers for Faulk County haven’t been good for almost the whole of the last century.

Plan Your Dakota Homecoming
Dakotans, pass this returners’ guide on to your distant friends and family!

Filling in the Map
A look at maps of the Dakota region from the 1850s to the 1930s.

Bill Schultze from the Sand Lake Wildlife Refuge tells of the visitor he misses when the snow geese return.

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