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Spring 2012: The Population Issue

Dakotafire Magazine: Spring 2012: The Population Issue

Table Of Contents

Belonging [1]
In this inaugural issue of Dakotafire, its editor shares her story of homecoming.

Go. Learn. Then Return? [2]
Can young people who want to settle down in their hometowns find a path back to them?

Family Motivates Some Britton-Hecla Seniors to Plan Return [6]
See how many seniors say they’d like to move back someday.

Groton is Growing [7]
Not all communities in rural America are losing population, and Groton is one of those exceptions.

No Time to Lose for Faulk County [8]
The population numbers for Faulk County haven’t been good for almost the whole of the last century.

Plan Your Dakota Homecoming [9]
Dakotans, pass this returners’ guide on to your distant friends and family!

Filling in the Map [10]
A look at maps of the Dakota region from the 1850s to the 1930s.

Postcard [11]
Bill Schultze from the Sand Lake Wildlife Refuge tells of the visitor he misses when the snow geese return.