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Dakotafire Magazine

Spring 2013: The Eco/Green Living Issue

Heidi Marttila-Losure

Creative Director
Troy McQuillen

Editorial Office
P.O. Box 603
Frederick, SD 57441

Doug Card
Thomas Lyons
Garrick Moritz
Melody Owen
John Suhr
Char Telkamp
George Thompson

Eliot Lucas

Josh Latterell

Partnering Newspapers
Britton Journal
Clark County Courier
Faulk County Record
Groton Independent
Ipswich Tribune
Kulm Messenger
Langford Bugle
Reporter and Farmer
Tri-County News

Dakotafire is published quarterly and owned by Dakotafire Media, LLC. All content is copyright ©2013 Dakotafire Media.

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Spring 2012: The Population Issue

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