Sunday , 19 May 2024
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Hadrick is new Faulk County Economic Development Coordinator

Hadrick is new Faulk County Economic Development Coordinator

Faulk County Record

Stacy Hadrick has been chosen as the new Faulk County Economic Development Coordinator.

She will be working for the Faulkton Area Development Corporation in conjunction with the City of Faulkton and Faulk County.

“I am very excited to be taking up this position,” she said. “What attracted me to it was of course my background in business and economics. Mostly I’ve dealt with agri-business, and that kind of experience can only be helpful because agriculture is the basis of our local economy. When our ag business can grow that provides opportunities for community development and creates strong small businesses and encourages local entrepreneurs.”

Hadrick is passionate about Faulk County and seizing every opportunity to make the area prosper.

“I think the progress that the Economic Development board has made in recent years has been huge,” she said. “The board is moving forward with things like the Dakota Rising program and most recently the Home Address program. I don’t know if people realize how much of a difference the Bush Foundation grants we’ve received make, but let me say that it’s going to be a tremendous resource for the future.”

Hadrick said that she wasn’t put off that the job only starts off as part time.

“What’s great about this position is that I can help shape it,” she said. “I know grant writing, and can put those skills to good use. My goals moving forward will be how we address the needs of the community, how do we improve economic growth and development, and in doing that I can find ways to create a bigger role formyself. The sky is the limit really,and that’s exciting for me!”

Hadrick said that one of her first objectives is to work on the housing situation in Faulkton. Homes and living space to buy or rent are in short supply and can be at a premium.

“It’s a big issue,” she said. “As part of the Home Address program, we will be doing assessments that will tell us what we need to do to provide adequate housing. I will be working directly on the task of finding funds to help us move forward with the issue. It’s a huge challenge; people are coming here and can’t find a place to live. But let’s look at that issue another way. People are coming here. There are enough good jobs and opportunities that people want to come here. Want to come here badly enough that finding enough housing for them is a problem. Honestly, it’s the kind of problem that you want to have. In so many communities across South Dakota, this isn’t a problem. Look at the potential we’ve created for ourselves. Look at the entrepreneurs we already have! So many creative people have started businesses and want to expand those businesses and have created jobs and brought some very amazing resources with them. We may be 65 miles from the nearest chain store, but we’ve got an amazing number of things going for us. Our community is thriving. We are people of action! Our attitude is let’s get it done! And that kind of support is contagious.”

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