Sunday , 14 July 2024
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The facility would be used for 4-H activities, but would also be available for other community uses.

Britton city council discusses multi-use facility

Britton Journal


The Britton city cuncil discussed the possibility of constructing some sort of multi-use facility in the city at its regular meeting March 11.

Marshall/Day County 4-H Youth Program Advisor Jennifer Ringkob and Marshall County Air Rifle Coach Brian Maxwell appeared before the council and prompted the discussion.

Maxwell said he initially began thinking about the issue when the Britton-Hecla School decided to either move or demolish the Kidder Gym.  Upon investigating the possible acquisition of that facility, he said financially it was not feasible.  But the seed had been planted for maybe developing other possibilities.

“Our main reason for coming to the meeting was to see if there is any community interest,” noted Ringkob.  “It would be our dream to have a place for 4-H activities, but it would have to be used for much more than that.  We’re not interested in just a 4-H building.  It would have to be a community effort.”

Mayor Dr. David Kleinberg felt the idea was worth looking into.

“The kind of kids that would benefit from a facility like this are the ones that come back and make the town work. I don’t think we would have trouble getting the community to work together.  This is what we’re all about.”

The council asked Ringkob and Maxwell to do some further investigation and come up with some specifics on uses and possible locations of such a facility and come back and visit with the board at a future meeting.

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