Saturday , 20 July 2024
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Dakotafire Café


Let’s continue the conversation …
In person. In our communities.

Welcome to the new Dakotafire Café.

This year, we at Dakotafire are trying something new: After each issue of Dakotafire, we will have a gathering in a community in the region to talk about some of the ideas presented in the magazine. We’ll invite two topic experts to give short presentations (like local TED talks), followed by discussion. We’ll invite people from the community, including high school students, to talk about the ideas shared in the magazine and by the speakers.

We’ll call these events Dakotafire Cafés. And since it’s a “café,” coffee and refreshments would be provided.

After these events, we’ll put together videos of the speakers, and a story about the discussion at the event. The comments would also inform our reporting for future issues.

Come and connect with others who are interested in thinking strategically about how we can make our region better.


Transportation – Britton, S.D.:


Water – Webster, S.D.:

Local Food – Groton, S.D.:

2015 Dakotafire Cafés

2016 Dakotafire Café topics (tentative)

  • January/February – Building the Region / Rural Design
  • March/April: Housing
  • May/June: Manufacturing  – no event
  • July/August: History / Heritage – no event
  • September/October: Education & Democracy – event to be scheduled
  • November/December:  Getting Outside
  • January/February 2017: Future of Rural

Continue the conversation online!

Our new forum site, Dakotafire Café Conversations, is designed to be an online conversation space for the region. If you had some great ideas after a Dakotafire Café event, or if you’ve not been able to make it to an event but want to share your thoughts, this is the place!



Past Dakotafire Cafes:

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