Thursday , 23 May 2024
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10,000 miles later

A smile of achievement appears as Julie (Huss) Weig nears the end of a 10,000 mile quest. The tape she broke was hung on land owned by the Huss family south and east of the Faulkton Cemetery. She made the final leg of the 10,000 miles running from the cemetery to the finis

Julie (Huss) Weig has crossed uncounted finish lines, but one she will have to put at the top of her best ever occurred Saturday afternoon, May 12. She broke that tape after completing 10,000 miles of running.
A challenge from a Faulkton High School Coach Bill Krikac and a lot of personal dedication and family support made it all happen.
As a Faulkton High School athlete in 1991, Huss and others on the team were charged by Coach Krikac to keep a log book of the miles they put in running, training and in competition. Julie never lost her place in that log book and 21 years later, to the applause of family members and friends she reached her 10,000 mile goal.
“I have so many memories when I think back on where these miles have taken me! From my first miles as a beginner runner to 16 400’s and long runs with the girls at Northern State University to after college ten milers and hills at Richmond Lake . . . why would I do this voluntarily?!,” wondered Weig. “I’ve made it through the injuries, pain, illnesses and terrible weather but running has brought so much to my life! Every mile has been worth it!”
In high school Julie was the state champion cross country runner, the state champion two mile runner and on the state champion two mile relay team. She graduated in 1995 but didn’t stop running. Instead she was a key member of the Northern State University Wolves track team where she set a 1000 meter run record, was on the record setting NSU medley relay squad along with being named an Academic All-American.
Julie and her husband Jade Weig live near Groton. She is employed by Orthopedic Surgery Specialists in Aberdeen.
(Photo Caption 2)   Julie’s husband Jade Weig was behind placing this “Julie Huss Weig 10,000 Miles” marker on the corner of a family field southeast of the Faulkton Cemetery. It also features the date, 5-12-12 and an etched photo of Julie running.

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