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The future of rural is up to us

Road. By Heidi Marttila-Losure

What’s the future of rural places? Based on the national conversation recently, some people might be surprised at the question. It seems some didn’t realize that rural even had a place in the present, never mind thinking about the future. All they know of rural places is the past. Those of us who live here—especially those of us who choose ... Read More »

From the Editor: Building confidence

Do you know someone who is building a home in the rural Dakotas? That person is making both a sacrifice and a statement: The “common wisdom” would call their building project a poor financial investment. Yet they care enough about living how and where they choose that they are doing it anyway. I think people who live in suburban or ... Read More »

Editorial: Readiness

The recently implemented Common Core Standards aim to get students to be “college- and career-ready” by the time they finish high school. Those are both laudable goals. But I think from the perspective of communities, something vital is missing: Will our students be “citizenship-ready”? Read More »

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