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Fewer rural students head for college. The problem for rural places: Fewer college graduates return

Both North and South Dakota perform well above the national average when it comes to high school graduation rates, but nationwide, graduation rates between rural and urban students are almost too close to call, accepting a margin of error: 83 percent and 86 percent, respectively. However, the discrepancy between rural and urban residents who have any amount of post-secondary education is a full 13 percentage points: 46 percent and 59 percent, respectively. So, why doesn’t that high graduation rate translate to post-secondary education the way it does for the urban population? Read More »

Madison Student Establishes Recycling For School System

Three years ago, Madison senior Amy Shan attended a People to People Leadership Summit in California. Part of the program there was creating a plan of action for a project she could do on her return to her community. Shan drew up a plan for recycling, and through some diligence on getting the logistics worked out, she set the plan ... Read More »

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