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Fall 2012: The Infrastructure Issue

Table of Contents

Letters to the Editor

The time for bold thinking has arrived.

The Big Bill
Fixing infrastructure is expensive, but so is trying to live with failing roads and water systems.

Communities Awash in Water Woes
Water and sewer repairs are stretching the finances of most towns in the region.

The Mystery of Hecla’s Disappearing Water
Hecla rallied the community to look for a massive leak in their water system.

We Asked the Candidates
Men and women vying to represent the Dakotas tell how they would help struggling rural communities.

Teaching Kids to Forge Their Own Paths
Entrepreneurship education can help young people see another way to make a living in rural places.

M.M. Guhin
This educational leader served and fought for rural schools.

Rod Evans tells of how he and his brothers found a new use for a building on their farm.

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