Saturday , 13 April 2024
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Join the Dakotafire conversation!

If Dakotafire is going to spark a rural revival, we need you to fan the flames.

Dakotafire is not supposed to be like a book you read quietly to yourself, then put back on the shelf. We want your participation and feedback. Here are some ways to take part in the Dakotafire community:

  • NEW: Join the conversation at Our new forum site is a great way to exchange ideas about how to revitalize our rural communities. See our story about the new site here, or just hop on over to the new site here.
  • Comment. If you read a story and have an example of your own to share, tell us about it! The more perspectives we receive from you, the better our coverage of the issue will be. Look at the end of most stories on for the Comment box, and fire away. (Keep it respectful and constructive — we have the right to veto offensive comments.)
  • Share. Share stories via Facebook or Twitter. We welcome conversations starting in those forums, too.
  • Submit. Letters to the editor are welcome; use the form or info on the Contact Us page.

Sparking rural revival is our goal,
and we intend to do it by igniting the power within you.

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