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Building their own legacy

Transfer of wealth data show that more resources are available in our communities than we might have realized. And we know many of our communities are strapped for resources. How can we connect the two? Read More »

Rural wealth makes a quiet exit

By Heidi Marttila-Losure Read the obituaries in your local newspaper, and you’ll find stories of lives well-lived (and, perhaps more interestingly, sometimes not-so-well-lived). Most of the obits also have a clue as to whether that personal life story fits into a larger story that will significantly affect rural Dakota communities in coming decades. Here’s how to tell: In the list of ... Read More »

Beyond bake sales

A few years ago, when I was editing a women’s magazine published by The Tribune in Ames, Iowa, I covered a women’s philanthropy event at Iowa State University. The speaker that day was a woman named Kay Ballard, and she wasn’t afraid to get the audience a little riled. Read More »

Up by their own boot straps

What happens when the major employer in a community—an employer that represents a community’s identity, and that is a significant supporter of community causes—closes its doors? That’s the situation that Clark, S.D., faced in 2002, when McCain’s, a French fry processing facility, shut down. Read More »

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