Thursday , 20 June 2024
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Explore Local will use game, rewards to encourage local shopping

Explore Local will use game, rewards to encourage local shopping

We’re excited to announce Explore Local,
a way to add to the fun of discovering and supporting local businesses!

Here’s how Explore Local will work:

This is what the Explore Local pages will look like in the Go Local Directory.

  1. Customers visit participating businesses with their Dakotafire Go Local Directory in hand.

  2. They’ll ask someone at the businesses to add a stamp or signature to the Explore Local page in their directory.

  3. Customers will work on collecting more stamps or signatures in their directory. Once they have 10, they’ll send us the page (by mail, email, or text) and we’ll send them a car decal and Go Local Bucks.

  4. Customers will return to a participating store to spend their Go Local Bucks. The business will take the Go Local Bucks and give the customers the items that they’d had a great adventure to find and purchase.

  5. Businesses send those Go Local Bucks back to us, and we’ll reimburse them for the face value of the Go Local Bucks. Businesses will have a new customer who had a great time discovering that store!

This program costs businesses nothing!
You just need to have purchased a directory listing or ad to participate.

People love games! And one of the goals of this game
is detouring out of their usual route to find and visit stores like yours.

People love adventures! And after this game,
they’ll have a positive feeling associated with your store.

 LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS: Sign up in two steps:



Make a copy of the form for your records, and send the original to: Dakotafire Media, PO Box 603, Frederick, SD 57441
or e-mail it to dakotafiregolocal {at}

*Goods are in the form of Go Local Bucks. Pretty awesome, since customers then get the fun of shopping for goods, too. 

The program starts with the distribution of Go Local Directories in early May and ends Sept. 4. 

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