Tuesday , 23 July 2024

Fall 2012

Corrections for Summer 2012 issue

The name of Trevor Samson was misspelled in the “Ask an Ag Banker” section of the summer issue of Dakotafire. In the “Disappearing Middle” story, the names of Diane Bell Mayerfeld and Dean MacCannell were misspelled, and Mayerfeld’s title is Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator with University of Wisconsin Extension. The graphic in that story should have said “Number of farms (in ... Read More »

Where can small towns find the money for water and sewer projects?

The size of a water or wastewater project can sometimes dwarf the entire budget for the town. There are a variety of sources out there for funding for rural water and wastewater projects, but the rewards to go to the swift, the persistent, and those tolerant of paperwork. Here’s an overview.   FEDERAL HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT Community Development Block ... Read More »

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