Tuesday , 21 May 2024
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6 Tips to Master Consignment & Thrift Shopping
Photo from Daizy's Variety in Parker, SD. See more images at their Facebook page: @daizysvariety.

6 Tips to Master Consignment & Thrift Shopping

Delightful Treasures in Canby, Minn.

Photo from Delightful Treasures in Canby, Minn. See more images on their Facebook page.


If you’re a bargain hunter, shopping resale can be an exciting task! Local consignment and thrift stores are filled with low cost items that are in great condition. However, tracking down these lucky finds is no easy task, so we’re here with six helpful hints to make your shopping experience simple.

  1. Make a list. It might be worth the time to check your own closet and list specific items that you need. This can help avoid purchases that end up unworn or unused—a waste of your money. However, do not be afraid to stray from the list if a hidden gem catches your eye.
  2. Find out when to shop. Typically people empty their closets over the weekend, which makes Monday a good day to shop consignment. Also, you could contact the store to ask when they plan on releasing new inventory. Then you can plan your shopping visit and view fresh items.
  3. Buy brands you recognize. When you’re on the lookout for clothing, purchasing familiar brands that you are comfortable with can speed up the process because you understand the quality and fit of the product. You know what to expect from these garments.
  4. Wear something simple to reduce hassle in the dressing room. Clothing sizes generally vary widely and can fit differently from person to person. Therefore, it’s important that you try on all of your potential garments before you make a decision. To avoid difficulty in the dressing room you should wear an outfit that does not include a button-down shirt. Also, wearing two piece outfits can be easier than wearing a dress that forces you to find a bottom garment just to try on a top.
  5. Examine items carefully. Consignment shops have good standards and try hard to purchase clothes in great condition. However, it’s still wise to inspect these items on your own terms. When purchasing clothing, be sure to look at seams and hems for any flaws, stains, or sizable holes. Look at items from all sides; shine a light inside bags and test zippers.
  6. Clean your purchases. After buying an item of clothing the next step is to throw it in the washing machine. This is a cautionary step that can refresh the garment before you wear it. Give other items a wipe down or scrub as well!

Ready to go?

The Go Local Directory features 7 shops where you can put these helpful hints to good use in the Consignment & Thrift category:
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