Monday , 22 July 2024

Civic Education

Should the secretary of state’s job include boosting turnout?

By Kristin Brekke Vandersnick for Dakotafire Media Secretaries of state are the chief election officers, the ones charged with ensuring that elections are fair and efficient. But does that role include attending to voter turnout—one area where the United States has some room for improvement? Turns out, that depends on whom you ask. The election chiefs in the two Dakotas ... Read More »

Voting is easy. Really.

South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs wants to see higher public awareness of the ease of voting, both absentee and in-person. South Dakotans can request an absentee ballot to be completed by mail, or they can vote absentee in-person at select locations starting 46 days before Election Day. “Our job with voter turnout is ensuring that they know the ... Read More »

Quiz: How much do you know about … VOTING?

The Constitution is talking to you, my friend. Well, and to me, too. To all of us citizens, actually. That’s what that “We the People” is referring to—in a democracy, it’s really our job to run the country. Sure, we delegate it during elections every few years, but the responsibility to pay attention is written right in there with freedoms ... Read More »

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