Friday , 21 June 2024
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Wildlife recreation: Part of Dakota life and an economic booster

In the United States, about 38 percent of people participate in recreation that’s associated with wildlife, according to a 2012 survey. That figure is higher in South Dakota, where 54 percent of the population takes part in such recreation.

Retail sales for hunting in South Dakota were estimated at $723 million in 2011.

Retail sales for fishing in South Dakota were estimated at $314 million in 2011.

About 384,000 South Dakotans watched wildlife around their homes, according to a 2011 survey. An estimated 221,000 said they watched wildlife away from their home.

In North Dakota, 116,000 residents participated in fishing and 219,000 participated in hunting in 2013, according to North Dakota Game and Fish license sales.

Nonresident deer hunters who came to North Dakota spent an average of $226 daily, according to a North Dakota State University Agribusiness and Applied Economics Report. Nonresident fishermen and women spent an average of $127 per day.

Total direct expeditures for hunting and fishing in North Dakota in 2013 were $642.9 million. and

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