Saturday , 13 July 2024
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Perspective: Migration
By Nicole Heitzman

Perspective: Migration

“Each year I look forward to springtime and the migration. As an artist, photographer and hunter, it is very exciting to watch the birds come back. Getting outdoors to hunt and photograph is very thrilling. I spend many days scouting for the best spots to set up my equipment so that I can go unnoticed by the intelligent birds. Any kind of movement easily scares waterfowl, so I must be as still as possible to capture close shots of ducks, geese and any other wildlife that may come my way.  I try to take close-up photos with brilliant lighting so that I have sharp details to refer to when I create a painting.”

—Nicole Heitzman

Nicole Heitzman is an artist and  photographer from Parkston, S.D. Find her work at

This is the first appearance of a new occasional feature called “Perspective” intended to share through images a unique viewpoint of life in the Dakotas. Are you a photographer who would like to submit an image for consideration? See details at

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