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Response to a David Newquist column.

Letter to the Editor (Winter 2013 issue)

To the editor: I totally agree with Professor Newquist (“The Culture of Rural Places Has a ‘Leaving’ Theme” by David Newquist, Fall 2012): Our young people are the ones who can find the solution. One approach is to use “gaming” to explore unheard of, unthought of solutions to keeping our talent here. (Although the best thing I did was spend two-score-plus years in the big cities.) Watch the recent TED talk by Jane McGonigal on the remarkable potential in using “gaming”—playing online computer games—and the talents they evoke in young people. Sorry I don’t have the link handy. Google Jane TED talk for a quick find. She has some several. Look for the one about changing the world. Amazing!

—Shirley Anderson, Frederick, S.D.

Editor’s response: Thanks for that idea, Shirley! Here’s the internet link to the video you reference: You may be interested to know that Dakotafire has a new forum that is somewhat based on game theory—people respond to questions, and get points based on posting ideas and responding to others’ ideas. Read more about it here, and check it out at —Heidi M-L

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