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    Go Local Directory Listing


    Put your business in the Dakotafire Go Local Directory!

    Your listing will appear:

    • – in the next printed Dakotafire Go Local Directory, to be distributed in October 2017.
    • – on the online Dakotafire Go Local Directory ( for one year from the date of purchase.

    This listing includes three lines. The listing must include the business name, phone number, and address in the first two lines. The third line can be information of your choice.

    Want to add more information? You can purchase additional lines for $10 each!

    Please allow 48 hours for your listing to show up on the site. If your third line, or additional lines, go over the character limit, we will contact you to revise your listing. 

    WANT TO PURCHASE DISPLAY ADVERTISING IN THE DIRECTORY? Purchase this directory listing, and receive a $30 credit toward your display advertising! See the rate sheet here, then fill out the form here.



    We recognize that franchises often contribute greatly to their communities. And we know that some businesses have worked hard to have more than one location, and we don't want to punish success.

    But there is a point at which a business no longer qualifies as “local,” and putting it in the Go Local Directory would be unfair to the other businesses listed there.

    With this in mind, we will allow a franchise into the directory if:

    – It has fewer than 10 locations.

    – All of the locations are in the Dakotas.

    – The franchise owners reside in the Dakotas and are somehow involved in the work of the business.

    If you have questions about whether your business fits, please e-mail heidi {at}

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