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Groton Rubble Site to get new entrance gate

Groton Independent [1]

Groton has been battling abuse of the rubble site for the past several years. Each year the city gets inspected by the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources; this past year, it barely passed its inspection.

“We have to do something or we’ll lose it,” said Mayor Roy Olson. “I’ve asked Paul (Kosel) to come up with a plan.”

The new idea is a computerized gate. Essentially, the rubble site will be closed all the time and the only way to gain entrance is with a code. The code will have to be entered when you enter and when  you leave. For those who use the rubble site frequently, a remote control device can be rented for the season.

The computerized gate will log whenever anyone enters and leaves the rubble site, whether it is by entering a code on the keypad or it it is by remote control. A camera will also be posted.

The new gate system will be installed at the first entrance to the rubble site and will be operational this spring. A security light will also be installed at the gate.