Tuesday , 29 November 2022
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Advertise in the North Brown Hunters/Visitors Directory

North Brown Hunters/Visitors Directory

What is it? This directory will feature businesses that might be of interest to hunters and visitors coming to Northern Brown County, plus a calendar of local events during hunting season.

What businesses? We want to feature businesses in the communities of Barnard, Elm Lake, Frederick, and Westport especially. Ads for other businesses will also be accepted.

Where can people find it? This directory will be printed in the October issue of Frederick F.Y.I., which goes to all households in Frederick, Barnard, and Westport. The directory will also be printed separately and distributed at hunting lodges, restaurants, stores and other interested businesses in the Frederick area. It will be distributed at local events, and local residents can request copies to give or send to hunters staying with them. Advertisers will also receive copies. We will also post it on Fredericksd.com and promote it on the FrederickSD Facebook page.

When will it be distributed? The October issue of F.Y.I. comes out Oct. 1. The standalone directories will be handed out or sent out the following week.

If you are interested in advertising, call 605-290-3335 or e-mail heidi {at} dakotafire.net TODAY!
The absolute deadline to reserve a spot is noon Monday, Sept. 24!

Download the form here!

Ad Sizes & Prices

Directory Listings

FREE Directory listings for businesses physically located within Frederick Area School District boundaries. 3 lines max, 35 characters total per line; purchase additional lines for $10 each.

$10 Per-line cost for directory listings for businesses outside of FASD boundaries. 35 characters total per line.

Display Ads

$20     1/12th page – 1.18 inches tall, 2.42 inches wide

$30     1/6th page – 2.55 inches tall, 2.42 inches wide

$55      1/3 page – 2.5 inches tall, 5 inches wide, or 5.25 inches tall, 2.42 inches wide

$100    1/2 page – 3.95 inches tall, 5 inches wide

$200    full page – 8 inches tall, 5 inches wide

This shows pages from last year’s Northern Brown Hunters/Visitors Directory. You can see the whole 2017 directory online here.

The directory will be 5.5” wide by 8.5” tall. The page count of the directory will depend on the number of advertisers.

All ads include full color. Ad design is included in the price, or you can e-mail camera-ready ads to heidi {at} dakotafire.net.

Ads must be 300 dpi, preferably in jpg or pdf.


  1. Fill out the advertising form (you can download it here).
  2. E-mail the form to heidi {at} dakotafire.net, or take a picture and text it to 605-290-3335.
  3. You can also call 290-3335 with your ad and billing information.
  4. E-mail any logos or images to heidi {at} dakotafire.net.
  5. We will bill you after you approve your ad proof.



Note: Dakotafire and Spark magazines are no longer being published. 

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