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Faulkton principal looks to reduce athletes’ travel

Faulk County Record [1]

The Faulkton School Board met for a rescheduled session due to weather on Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 7:30 a.m.
Faulkton High School Principal Craig Cassens addressed increased travel distance for student athletes beginning next year, now that Frederick/Hecla will not be part of their football conference.

Cassens said that he cast the only dissenting vote against the schools’ inclusion because it would result in a lot more time on the bus for F.H.S. athletes, when already the average mileage for a one-way trip to a football game is 68.5 miles. But, since the decision is now out of his hands, he suggested to the board that FHS and the Britton/Hecla school perhaps partner to rent an arena in Aberdeen to play their game as a halfway point for both teams.