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Contract still not settled for Britton-Hecla

Britton Journal [1]

Representatives of the Britton-Hecla Board of Education (BHEA) met with a mediator from the Department of Education last week but have still not come to a contract agreement.

Superintendent Kevin Coles said that the two sides are at odds over two issues: salary and early retirement policy.

The board has offered a 3 percent salary increase based on average salary, and the teachers are asking for a 3.5 percent increase on individual salary. Regarding early retirement, the board wants to eliminate that option for new hires and reduce the amount received by early retirees, while the teachers are against these changes.

Cole said the next option is for the BHEA to file for fact-finding, which entails representatives meeting with a different representative in Pierre to try to settle the disagreements. That option must be exercised by Saturday, May 25.

If the BHEA does not file for fact-finding, the board has the authority to enact the last best offer.