Thursday , 25 April 2019

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Join the Dakotafire conversation!

If Dakotafire is going to spark a rural revival, we need you to fan the flames. Dakotafire is not supposed to be like a book you read quietly to yourself, then put back on the shelf. We want your participation and feedback. Here are some ways to take part in the Dakotafire community: NEW: Join the conversation at Our ... Read More »

A quarter century of teaching kids to be good drivers

By Bill Krikac   The way we teach young people to become responsible drivers has changed over the past quarter century—sometimes for the better, and sometimes not. When I started teaching drivers education in the 1970s, the class was taught within the school curriculum, usually to sophomores.  It was often on a weekly basis for a semester, garnering the needed ... Read More »

Proposed change to tournament structure starts a debate on S.D. ‘March Madness’

Wayne Carney knew there would be controversy when the staff of the South Dakota High School Activities Association brought a proposal to its board to bring all volleyball, wrestling and basketball tournaments to the new, yet-to-be-named Sioux Falls events center, instead of spread among a half-dozen or so sites across the state. “It’s going to take a lot of thinking ... Read More »

Can subtracting a day make the school week better?

Superintendents of schools that have moved to a four-day school week cite a variety of ways the schedule improves the job they can do for students, but at least on the surface, the move goes against the dominant educational thinking that extended learning is the way to help struggling schools. Read More »

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