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Corrections for Summer 2012 issue

The name of Trevor Samson was misspelled in the “Ask an Ag Banker” section of the summer issue of Dakotafire. In the “Disappearing Middle” story, the names of Diane Bell Mayerfeld and Dean MacCannell were misspelled, and Mayerfeld’s title is Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator with University of Wisconsin Extension. The graphic in that story should have said “Number of farms (in ... Read More »

Summer 2012: The Farm Issue

Table of Contents Community Dakotafire’s editor outlines the project’s editorial philosophy. The Disappearing Middle As farms grow larger, the value that mid-sized farms give their communities is lost. Farming Smarter, Not Larger Farm families find strategies for success in different niches. Bucking the Trend Day County farmers have found ways to keep farming. Planting Prairie for Profit EcoSun Prairie Farm ... Read More »

Spring 2012: The Population Issue

Table Of Contents Belonging In this inaugural issue of Dakotafire, its editor shares her story of homecoming. Go. Learn. Then Return? Can young people who want to settle down in their hometowns find a path back to them? GRAPHIC: Dakotafire County Population Trends Compared to State Population GRAPHIC: Who Is Leaving, and Who Is Moving In? COLUMN AND GRAPHICS: Population ... Read More »

Planting prairie for profit: EcoSun Prairie Farms aims to show that they can balance environmental and economic needs by farming grass

On a sizeable piece of productive Midwestern farmland between Sioux Falls and Brookings, S.D., a small group of agricultural pioneers are growing diverse mixtures of indigenous, perennial grasses. They have two motivations: create and manage a farm that balances economic returns with meaningful environmental protections, and demonstrate that a farmer can make a living marketing products emanating from native grasses grown on premium land previously devoted to churning out industrial grains. Read More »

Garden is the heart of the farm for Podolls

‘Gardening has taught me how to farm’ Excerpted from the book Deeply Rooted: Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness by Lisa M. Hamilton, Counterpoint Press, 2009 Editor’s Note: Over the course of two years, author Lisa M. Hamilton spent many days with the Podolls, learning about their farming philosophy. Family members still living on the farm are David and ... Read More »

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