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Summer 2012: The Farm Issue

Dakotafire - Summer 2012: The Farm Issue

Table of Contents

Community [1]
Dakotafire’s editor outlines the project’s editorial philosophy.

The Disappearing Middle [2]
As farms grow larger, the value that mid-sized farms give their communities is lost.

Farming Smarter, Not Larger [3]
Farm families find strategies for success in different niches.

Bucking the Trend [4]
Day County farmers have found ways to keep farming.

Planting Prairie for Profit [5]
EcoSun Prairie Farm aims to prove farming can be both environmentally positive and profitable.

Ask an Ag Banker
Dacotah Bank ag bankers answer questions about farm financing.

Where Does the Farm Bill Money Go? [6]
A look at two parts of the farm bill that don’t make many headlines.

Corn Belt Stretches to Include Dakotafire Counties [7]
The Corn Belt is on a march northwest.

Miles of Tile [8]
High crop prices prompt many farmers to invest in drainage projects.

Postcard [9]
Kristin Bennett tells her tale of homecoming and home moving.