Friday , 24 May 2019


Marshall County land sale smashes record

A land auction held last week Wednesday has been the “talk of the town” in the Britton area. A total of 1,852 acres of land owned by the late Bill Kadoun of Britton brought a total of $10.3 million and smashed previous records in the county for dollars paid per acre. Read More »

Assessments continue to climb in Day County

Last year the state Legislature directed county equalization directors to make larger adjustments in farmland values and this year producers will really feel the pinch. HB1003 was aimed at helping counties bring cropland and pastureland into line faster under the state’s new production-based system for setting tax values. The initial maximum increase or decrease in value was capped at 10 percent annually, but went to a maximum of 25 percent a year, depending how far a county is behind/ahead. Read More »

FiredUp: Idea farm

Abandoned farmstead. By Heidi Marttila-Losure

Cities may be fertile ground for new ideas, but rural places provide changes for interaction with the land itself—sparking ideas that are rooted in the harsh and beautiful reality of the world we inhabit. Read More »

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