Tuesday , 7 February 2023

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We believe in rural.

Road. By Heidi Marttila-Losure

Thank you to these Fired Up members who helped Dakotafire spark rural revival one story at a time. Sonya Albertson J.D. Anderson Lois Aroian Norbe Barrie Joe Bartmann John Beranek William Bishop Darlene Bresson Karyl Card Glenn Cooper Ila Davis Sara Dean Brian Depew | Lyons, Nebraska | Center for Rural Affairs Kathryn Draeger Erna Ehrmann Sarah Erickson Megan Fuller ... Read More »

Keep feeding the fire

Fireside. By Heidi Marttila-Losure

When we first started Dakotafire Media five years ago, some questioned the name. Why “fire”? It has led to some confusion over the years. Some think we are the newsletter for a state fire association. And we’ve probably sent a lot of traffic to Dakota Fire Protection, a sprinkler company that has the “.com” version of our web address. We ... Read More »

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