Monday , 18 October 2021

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Thank you to our new Fired Up! members!

This fine travel mug could be yours!

Fired Up! members are helping the Dakotafire project survive and thrive into the future with their financial contributions. Here are the latest new Fired Up! members: Joe Bartmann Don Glover Shirley Lindgren Roger & Shirley Schuller Naomi Underberg James Hendrickson Eve Larson If you’d like to become a Fired Up! member and claim your very own Dakotafire travel mug, go ... Read More »

The pleasure of good eating

Dessert for a harvest meal prepared at The Field in Adrian, N.D. Photo by Heidi Marttila-Losure

For most of us the pleasure of good eating probably consists of chowing down a gusty steak, a delicious pork chop, fresh vegetables with tastebud-exploding flavors, or a savory tree-ripened peach that melts in your mouth. In truth, the pleasure of good eating consists of much more than tasty treats. Read More »

Living like family in Langford

In a lot of cases this is literally true, but it feels true even if it’s not: In Langford, S.D., everyone is family. Read More »

Talking water in Webster at a Dakotafire Café

The importance of water to the Webster area could be seen at the end of the Dakotafire Café event on May 29: When time ended for the official event, the conversations kept going. Read More »

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