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FiredUp: Agriculture No. 1 on a list of industries losing jobs

The agriculture industry is slated to lose 96,100 between now and 2020, which puts in at the top of a Bureau of Labor Statistics list of industries most likely to lose jobs in the next decade [1].

This is not, of course, news to those in farm country: With mechanization, fewer farmers are needed, and in large part rural community populations have declined in parallel to the loss of farmers.

Also in dire straights job-wise are Postal Service workers, switchboard operators, sewing machine operators, and fast food cooks.

Take note of the last line in the Huffington Post story [2] about the BLS report:

But some of the jobs on the most-decline list may defy easy explanation. The fast food cook occupation category [1] is expected to lose 19.100 jobs, even as fast food chains are extending their late night hours to meet customer demand [3], according to the Wall Street Journal.

There are fewer farmers growing America’s food, but Americans are apparently still pretty good at eating it, all around the clock.

Sidenote: The Huffington Post writer also chose a barefoot farmer for the image of agricultural jobs. Folks, how many farmers do you know who work barefoot? Most of the farmers I know are far too practical to take a chance at getting tetanus.