Sunday , 9 December 2018
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Explore Local

Explore Local

Explore Local is a way to add to the fun of discovering and supporting local businesses!

Here’s how Explore Local works:

This is what the Explore Local pages
look like in the Go Local Directory.

  1. Look through the directory for the Explore Local compass symbol—those are participating businesses. Some participating businesses have been added after the directory was printed, so see a full list here
  2. Visit participating businesses with a copy of the Dakotafire Go Local Directory in hand. (Don’t have a copy? See all the places where you can find one, or request one here!)
  3.  Ask someone at the business to add a stamp or signature to the Explore Local page in your directory.
  4. Work on collecting more stamps or signatures in your directory. Once you have 10, send us the page (by mail, email, or text) and we’ll send you Go Local Bucks.
  5. Return to a participating store to spend your Go Local Bucks.
  6. Enjoy the items that you’ve had a great adventure to find and purchase!


We’ll be promoting the game and recognizing winners on our Facebook page. Like the page to follow along!

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