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FiredUp: Have you heard about the ‘Howard miracle’?

Maroney Commons dedication

If not, it’s time to learn about this “model of community planning” just down the highway: Howard, S.D. A class project to look at how money is spent in the community turned into a revival movement that involved a significant percentage of the county and had measurable results: In the first year, local retail sales increased 41 percent. The involvement ... Read More »

FiredUp: Agriculture No. 1 on a list of industries losing jobs


The agriculture industry is slated to lose 96,100 between now and 2020, which puts in at the top of a Bureau of Labor Statistics list of industries most likely to lose jobs in the next decade. This is not, of course, news to those in farm country: With mechanization, fewer farmers are needed, and in large part rural community populations ... Read More »

Canola is first genetically altered crop to go wild


About 80 percent of the canola growing in the ditches of North Dakota contains genes that have been modified to resist some weed killers, according to researchers from the University of Arkansas. This finding is adding fuel to the debate about “super weeds”: plants growing wild that have the characteristics of herbicide resistance, the result of either seeds spreading from ... Read More »

Inviting 2,275 alumni back home, one postcard at a time

FHS All School Reunion committee

The night of Nov. 30 was busy with the FHS All School Reunion committee and volunteers labeling postcards to some 2275 Faulkton School alumni. Seated left are, Jean Deiter – treasurer, Rhea Joyce Barondeau, Leota Turner, Joyce Arneson, Jim Goebel – president and Joyce Schilder – secretary. Not pictured is Val Ramsdell – publicity. The All School Reunion is planned ... Read More »

NCFE Coop building new facility just east of Faulkton

By Garrick Moritz, Faulk County Record North Central Farmers Elevator is building a full service agronomy center to better serve the Faulk County area. The new center will offer dry and liquid fertilizer, chemicals and seed. It will include a bulk soybean system with a seed treater. Custom application will also be available. An agronomy warehouse will be constructed to ... Read More »

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