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Perspective [1]

“The image is actually a frame grab from a video my company, Passenger, was producing for a joint project with OTA and the South Dakota Community Foundation. The aim of the project was to showcase a wide range of stories of philanthropy across the state.  This particular story was about a young man, Ty Eschenbaum, who after battling cancer, started a college scholarship fund for other young survivors of the disease.  The image is of his father on their cattle farm outside of Brookings as a thunderstorm was starting to roll in.”

—Joe Hubers

Joe Hubers is a filmmaker in Sioux Falls, S.D. His company, Passenger, recently released a film called “Of Minor Prophets” based and filmed in South Dakota. Learn more about the film at www.ofminorprophets.com [2]. See more of Joe Hubers’ photography at www.jhubers.com [3].