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Five entrepreneurial strategies that work in Dakotafire country

Starting a business can be difficult anywhere. Starting a business in the rural Dakotas, where the population is fairly small and spread all over the map, takes not only hard work but a little ingenuity.

Luckily, ingenuity is something we’ve got.

The five businesses featured in the links each looked at the market they were in and came up with a strategy to take advantage of it. Their definitions of success vary from creating a job for the entrepreneur alone to forming a mature company with spinoffs in many states—but, large or small, these entrepreneurs have come up with ways to make a good living here in Dakotafire country.

If searching job postings has left you uninspired, read up on these strategies and see if one of them, or a strategy of your own, can help you create your own opportunity.


Strategy 1: Build on a product line that’s proven its worth. [1]

Strategy 2: Get the details right. [2]

Strategy 3: If what you’re offering isn’t selling, change what you’re offering. [3]

Strategy 4: Reach niche markets via the Internet. [4]

Strategy 5: Develop businesses that complement each other and the community. [5]

What do you think?

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