Sunday , 26 March 2023

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Help wanted: Group strategizes on recruiting rural teachers

Rural Teacher Corps event in Mitchell in June. Photo courtesy the Rural Schools Collaborative

Rural school districts face challenges from several directions when recruiting teachers. Baby boomers are retiring. Many small towns are losing population and vitality. Urban school districts often can pay more than rural districts. The education profession as a whole has become more of a pressure cooker with changing standards and more reporting requirements. All these and more factor into rural ... Read More »

Column: Housing: Whose responsibility is it?

Housing is a hot topic in most small towns. Everybody has opinions on the causes of the problems, and many people have good ideas for solutions. But when push comes to shove, it’s difficult to find people and organizations willing to step up to the plate to implement solutions. Everybody has a valid excuse People and organizations have many valid reasons ... Read More »

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